Bring back the missionary zeal in school administration – Educate Ghana

Ghana should bring back the missionary zeal in school management and administration to achieve quality education, Mr. Prince Debrah Appiah, a Member of the Board of Directors, Educate Ghana which is an educational think-tank Foundation has stated.

“To achieve quality education, all stakeholders especially parents and the missions must be allowed to play their roles effectively in teaching and learning.

“In order to provide the best possible educational experience for the students, it is critical that teachers and staff have access to resources and materials for creating an engaging and positive learning environment that will prepare students for the academic rigour and competition,” Mr Appiah affirmed.

Mr. Appiah who is a former Chief Audit Executive of the National Health Insurance Authority stated at the Ghana News Agency, Tema Industrial News Hub Boardroom Dialogue platform, stressing that “holistic stakeholder involvement in education is critical at this point”.

Speaking on “the status of the educational system,” Mr. Appiah who was Election 2020 New Patriotic Party’s (NPP) Parliamentary Candidate for Korle Klottey, said the challenges of free Senior High Schools, should not be grounds for attacking the policy.

He said while the government needed more time to perfect the challenges experienced with the implementation of the free SHS, the stakeholders especially parents and the missions must be allowed to play their respective roles to achieve quality.

“I am appealing to the government to allow the Parents Teachers Associations (PTA) to be active again, get the parents who are stakeholders to participate in their children’s education,” he said.

Mr. Appiah said providing free education to Ghanaians was enshrined in the 1992 Constitution, therefore, “the free SHS was a good and important policy to be implemented adding however taking out the role of the PTAs in the management and administration of schools must be relooked at”.

He acknowledged that some of the school authorities took advantage of the PTAs to extort monies from parents, notwithstanding, “we should not throw the baby away with the wash water, we must allow them to work with the schools and the government to improve education.”

He said another way to improve the quality of education in Ghana, was to have legislation making it compulsory for all politicians’ children to attend public schools.

“By so doing, those in authority would see the need to provide infrastructure, the needed teaching, and learning materials, and the right policies as their children would also benefit from it,” he said.

Mr Appiah who is a leading member of the ruling NPP said critical thinking must be one of the subjects’ students must be taught just as it pertained in most European countries to ensure that graduates became assets to the nation.

He expressed worry that currently, “the average Ghanaian graduates are just having certificates, apart from creating access, we need quality as even though we are in a third world country, we see things in real-time happening in first world country due to technological advancement.”

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